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San Cristobal De Las Casas Mexico

This is our current location:

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Fun in Mazatlan

We are having a blast in Mazatlan. Today we spend a lot of time in the water and it was very nice ... clear and warm.
Lots of activity on Sunday ... motorcycles all over the place and people out and about enjoying the beautiful weather.
We have another couple of days here enjoying the beach and the people ... the pups are a hit.
We ate at an all you can eat sushi place and watched NFL games.
Looking forward to another day frolicking in the Pacific and enjoying the friendly people.

Toto bien

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Hola de Mazatlan

Where are the deer?


We arrived in Mazatlan safely and the drive was quite easy but very expensive. There were many toll booths and the windshield was hit by a rock and has a huge crack ... oh well ... part of the adventure.
We did get the Jeep serviced in Guaymas and the service people were very friendly and quite good.
Today there is a marathon in Mazatlan and we saw the leaders come by our hotel ... the city runs this marathon in 2 days ... Saturday for the large masses and Sunday for the pros. We saw one over weight gringo running up with the leaders and waving to the fans ... very funny!
We will stay here for a few days and get some sun and swimming in. We are in the old part of town which is very cool ... rundown hotels and bars and interesting people ... our kind of place.

Hasta luego

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Beautiful old silver town

Today we are spending the day in the beautiful town of Alamos ... an old silver mining town.
The people are very friendly and I have taken alot of pictures which Caroline will post soon.
We are staying in a lovely hotel which has 3 rooms and is pet friendly ... looks to be built in the 1600's but remodeled as a hotel.
This is a great walking city.
Tomorrow we will undertake a very dangerous drive according to the warnings we have been reviewing ... to Mazatlan via the Mexico 15 toll road.
It is very remote and apparently the banditos like to cause havic along the route. Hopefully we will not have any problems ... but we did add a holy cross to the mirror ... kind of ironic since neither of us have any faith ... no creemos en dios y no tenemos fe.
It is nice and warm here ... 88 or 31 for my those knowing centigrade. This area is a huge farming area ... the dirt is black like Iowa and we saw many grain elevators and some huge breweries.
Mexico is not a poor country like we have been told ... most of the people are middle class and drive nice cars very fast. Gas prices are a bit less than the cheapest in the US but our rig gets bad mileage ... the best we can hope for is 19 miles/gallon. Their national beer is much better than US natiional beer but I really miss Green Man, Wedge, Pisgah, etc......
Peace and chicken grease.

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Modifications to our Jeep

Jeep mods

Jeep stuff for the Great Adventure:

5 BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO tires
Ignition kill switch
2 3lb fire extinguishers and mounts
Emergency roadside kit
Tuffy locking security box (rear)
Tuffy locking security box under drivers seat
Extra NC license plates
Neiko 5 ton come along
Smittybilt Irack (attaches to rear tire)
2 5 gallon Jerry cans
48" Hi-lift jack w/2x8 platform
Locking gas cap
Locking hood latches
Motorcycle leather bag for secret compartment (for original documents)
GOBI Stealth roof rack (800lb capacity)
Thule storage box w/locks
Thule rack fittings with locks
122 piece 1st Aid kit
3ft shovel
Rugged Ridge 3" tubular front bumper
Rugged Ridge 3" tubular rear bumper
Garmin nuvi 50LM gps with 8GB memory chip
Tamper proof license plate bolts

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